A compilation of articles from Rahmat'Ullah from 2012-2022. Including academic and self-published literary works under the pen name Lamont de' St. Michael.

From the debilitating methods and schema of propaganda to modern and post-modern opportunist. The reconstruction of social narratives to consolidate power by in-groups, examines enculturation and social engineering as well the practical applications or paradigms from Durkheim to Marx.

Vectorism (truncation schema) is the promotion of parasitic virulence via horizontal transmission. As an ideology, it conflates “diversity” with heterosity, aka novel local diversity aka novel heterogeneity. In ecology, vectorism drives the spread of invasive species destroying ecosystems worldwide. In human ecology, vectorism drives the spread aggressive ethnies destroying social capital worldwide.

Valuation conscious and applied takes into consideration several aspects of human behavior, in-group thought to social-collective consciousness for positive human coping of out-groups.

Many cultures, groups and individuals have gained mastery over others and the world by simply “pulling themselves up”. Rising from a debilitated state takes determination, force, effort and a great deal of heart. This includes groups, cultures and individuals who have been -subjected or manipulated by other groups, cultures and individuals. Whether systemic, interpersonal ridicule, mockery or pure coercion. From modern institutionalized slavery to 20th century policies of Eugenics & The Quest for Racial Purity.

Chapters (evaluation)