Radi 1.0: Rajab Saints

via Naqshabandi Sufis

"Verily, the number of months with Allah is twelve months (in a year) so was it ordained by Allah on the Day when He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are
.red, (i.e., the 1st, the 7th, the 11th, and the 12th months of the Islamic calendar). That is the right religion; so wrong not yourself therein..." (V.9:36)

Allah permitted them to make the first Hijrah to the land of Abyssinia They left in the month of Rajab in the fifth year after the Prophet 0 was sent with the Revelation. Quraish set out in pursuit of them until they reached the sea coast, but they did not catch them.

He made a peace treaty with the people of Najran on the understanding that they would pay two thousand garments — half in the month of Safar, and the rest in Rajab a sacred month wherein fighting was forbidden. Some of the hypocrites said to each other: "March not forth in the heat." So Allah revealed: "And they said: "March not forth in the heat."

4662. Narrated Abuj Bakr The Prophet said, "Time has come back to its original state which it had when Allah created the heavens and the earth; the year is twelve months, four of which are sacred. Three of them are in succession, Dhul- Qa'da, Dhtil-ijja and Al-Mubarram, and (the fourth being) Rajab Mudar (named after the tribe of Muçlar as they used to respect this month) which stands between Jumãda (Ath- thani) and Sha'ban

Then followed the seventh veil, the Veil of Rank. Here the enlightened soul remained for six thousand years, praising the Lord and saying: Subhana man huwal Khaliq-an-Nur (Glory to Him who is the Creator, the Light)


It is recommended to recite the Dua of the saint in Rajab, 3-5 times per day.

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem
Allahuma innee istaghfiruka min kulli maa tubtu lahu ilayka thumma 'udtu feeh. wa istaghfiruka min kulli maa 'aradtu bihi wajhika wa-khaalatanee feehi maa laysa feehi ridaak. wa istaghfiruk li-ni`am allatee taqawwaytu biha `ala ma`aseeyatik. wa istaghfiruka min aadh-dhunub allatee laa ya`lamahu ghayruka wa laa yattali`u `alayha ahadu n siwaak wa laa yasa`uha illa rahmatika wa la tunjee minha illa maghfiratuka wa hilmuka. laa ilaha illa-Anta, subhaanak! innee kuntu min adh-dhaalimeen.
Allahuma innee istaghfiruka min kulli dhulmin dhalamtu bihi `ibadaka. Fa ayyaama `abdin min `ibaadik aw `amatin min 'imaa'ika dhalamtu fee badanihi aw `irdihi aw maalih fa `atihi min khazaa'inik allatee laa tanqus. Wa as'aluka an tukrimanee bi-rahmatika allatee wasi`at kulla shay wa laa t`uheenanee min `adaabik wa ta`teeayanee maa as'aluka fa-innee haqeequn bi-rahmatik ya arham ur-Raahimeen. wa salla-Allahu `ala Sayiddina Muhammadin wa `ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma`een. wa laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billah il-`Alee ul-'Aadheem


In the name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful
O Allah, I ask forgiveness of You for everything for which I repented to You then returned to. And I ask forgiveness of You for everything I displeased You with and all that concerns me with which You are displeased. And I ask forgiveness of You for the favors which I used for increasing my disobedience towards You. And I ask forgiveness of You for the sins which no one knows except You and no one sees except You and nothing encompasses except Your Mercy and nothing delivers from except Your forgiveness and clemency. There is no god except You alone. You are the Most High, and I was one of the [self] oppressors!
O Allah, I ask forgiveness of You for the injustice I committed against Your servants. Whatever of Your male or female servants whom I have hurt, physically or in their dignity or in their property give them of Your bounty which lacks nothing. And I ask You to honor me with Your mercy which encompasses all things. Do not humble me with Your punishment but give me what I ask of You, for I am in great need of Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful. May Allah send blessings upon Muhammad and upon all his companions. There is no power and no might except in Allah the High, the Exalted.


Other Daily Prescriptions

  • READ: 63.8 They say: Surely, if we return to Al- Madinah the mightier will soon drive out the weaker; when might belongeth to Allah and to His messenger and to the believers; but the hypocrites know not.

  • Al-Qayyum (100x)

  • La Ilaha Illallah "None has the right to be worshipped except Allah". (100xs)

Prescriptions on the Blessed Night of Desires

To be done after Sˇala¯tu ’l-¿Isha¯ on the night of the first Thursday of the month of Rajab

considered by some scholars to be the night in which the light of the Prophet passed from his father Abd Allah ibn Abd al- Mut¸t¸alib ¡ to the womb of his mother A¯mina bint Wahb ¡.


NI¯YYAT: I intend the next for days of dhara; I intend to hijr; I intend to permanently leave falshood; I intend to begin gathering Amal, provisions for the hereafter; I intend discipline (of the ego); I intend to travel in God’s Path; I intend to fast for the sake of God in his sacred months and Ramadan. I intend to control my tongue for the rest of my life on earth.

Prescribed Fasts of the month of Rajab

Recommended to Increase muscle memory for fasting, particularly on Monday and Thursday, as well as on Ragha¯ib the 7th, the middle of Rajab, and the 27th.


Lailatu l-Isra’

After sunset on the 26th of Rajab begins the 27TH of Rajab, the Night of Ascension of the Prophet (saw). One may do the following after maghrib and before ‘Isha prayer:

  • Pray 20 rak’ats, 2 or 4 at a time, reading 20 Ikhlasu sh-Sharif in each rak’at.

  • After the 20 rak’ats, read 100 Istighfar outloud.

  • Then 100 salawatu sh-Sharif outloud.